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The Production Format

Murder Mystery Productions

If you are anticipating 64 or more guests, I recommend that you hire my murder mystery production format for your event. This is like going to see a play, only we bring the show to you. I will bring a full team of seven actors and actresses to entertain your guests. The production will be performed around your luncheon or dinner. You should plan on three hours for your event, the first hour for guest arrivals and the final two hours for the mystery dinner. We will begin the first act before your entrees are served or before you open your buffet. The murder mystery will be a comedy. At no time will your guests be confused or frightened. The murder mystery will be interactive. Your guests will be asked to be our armchair detectives searching for clues and interrogating suspects to solve the crime. Your guests should be seated at dinner tables. A restaurant with a private dining room is a perfect setting. We do not require a stage. We will be performing between the tables directly with your guests. This is a blast! Your guests are going to love it.

The Party Format

Murder Mystery Parties

If you are anticipating 64 or fewer guests, I recommend the Mystery Party Format. This is a game played by your guests. Several of them will be the suspects accused of the crime. All of the remaining guests will be the detectives solving whodunnit. With fewer than 32 guests at your party, I will be on site turning your event into a murder mystery party and ensuring that everyone has an amazing time. I will act as photographer, mystery coordinator and emcee. With 33 or more guests I will bring an assistant. The event should take place during a meal. I will begin thirty minutes before your entrees are served and you should plan on three hours. The party format is perfect for corporate team building and gatherings in need of a fun and engaging activity. If you are anticipating 64 or more guests I recommend you hire the production format which is described above. My more than twenty years of experience has taught me that if you are planning on fewer than eight tables of eight (i.e. 64 guests), the task of revealing clues is a blast and those volunteers have a great time.


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