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Your event could have a THEME...

Here are several party themes to consider. Whodunnit for Hire will build a mystery around whichever theme you choose. Are you looking to have your guests come as pirates, zombies or vampires? Would you like a medieval, wild west, or roaring twenties theme? We'll make sure it is to DIE for whether it is a corporate event, birthday celebration, family reunion or fundraiser.

Do you have a special theme in mind that is not listed? No problem. We will write a mystery for you.

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  • WHO KILLED THE BOSS? - Team Building Theme Party | Corporate Theme Party
  • THE GAME IS AFOOT - Sherlock Holmes Theme Party | Spy Theme Party | Masquerade Theme Party
  • WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE - Wild West Theme Party
  • MALT SHOPPE MURDER - Theme Party | Elvis Theme Party
  • SINISTER SPEAKEASY - 1920s Theme Party | Gangster and Flapper Theme Party
  • GAG ME WITH A SPOON. HE'S DEAD. - 1980s Theme Party
  • GHOST - Haunted Theme Party
  • CLUE LIVE - Board Game CLUE Theme Party
  • MURDER ON THE VINE - Wine Tasting Theme Party
  • MEDIEVAL MURDER - Medieval Theme Party | Renaissance Theme Party
  • TIKI TORCH MURDER - Gilligan's Island Theme Party | Luau Theme Party
  • HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE - Hollywood Theme Party
  • ART HEIST - Pink Panther Theme Party | Non-Murder Mystery Party
  • JEWEL HEIST - 1920s Theme Party | Non-Murder Mystery Party

We would be excited to write a mystery for your theme party if it is not listed above.

Mystery Themes with Whodunnit For Hire


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