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Annapolis Maryland

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This is a blast!

Whodunnit for Hire provides interactive and engaging entertainment for Corporate Events and Team Building Activities in the Annapolis, Maryland area. We cannot stress this strongly enough: if you want your employees to have a fantastic time, this is it!

What is it?

What we do is turn your event into a murder mystery. What actually happens is someone will come into your party and fall to the floor dead. Okay, not really but you cannot have a murder mystery without a victim and we promise this death will be silly and over-the-top. At no time will your guests be scared or confused.

What next?

After what we lovingly call our Dead Body Scene the place is proclaimed a crime scene and the guests are asked to help solve the crime. We hand out notebooks and pencils and encourage everyone to take copious notes as they are looking for clues.

The Suspects

This is not a play where you watch actors and actresses put on a performance. This in an interactive game so that means some of your guests will be accused of the crime. We'll get a few volunteers willing to be the suspects and give them the necessary costume items and props. They will get a couple of clues to give to the others. One of them will be guilty. It will be up to the others to figure out which one.

Always a Comedy

The mystery will be a comedy and will have your guests laughing and engaged from the moment we begin. This is a family friendly comedy. The memories that your guests create at this party will be priceless.

Annapolis Maryland

Whodunnit for Hire is headquartered in Maryland and has been turning events into murder mysteries since 2005. We have done several parties in the Annapolis area including Crownsville, Sherwood Forest, Highlands Bay, Edgewater, Londontowne, Riva, Parole, and Arnold. We've turned events into murder mystery parties at the Blackwall Hitch and the Charthouse. We turned the annual summer party for Sherwood Forest into a murder mystery entertaining 200 +/- guests. We would love to help you turn your event into an unforgettable great time.

Your Event is Important

Your event is important. Whether your guests have a great time is important. Do not leave this to chance. Check out the reviews and find out if the person to whom you are speaking will be at your party. At Whodunnit for Hire the owner, Wendy Olenik, will personally be at your event unless booked for a previous engagement.

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