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Bethesda Birthday Party

Oh my goodness! The entertainer for this birthday bash stumbled into the party and died! What?! Oh my! What did they do? Thankfully they had hired Whodunnit for Hire who acted quickly handing out notebooks and putting the guests to work solving whodunnit. But wait! They learned that some of the guests were darn happy the entertainer kicked the bucket. Quite a few of them in fact. It was up to the others to search for clues and interrogate all the suspects to solve the crime. Check out the photos from the fun birthday party in Bethesda Maryland HERE.

Entertainment for your Birthday Party

Are you planning a celebration for a milestone birthday? Are you wondering how to keep your family and friends engaged and happy during the birthday party? We've got it! Call Whodunnit for Hire and turn your party into a murder mystery party. We are the experts at keeping guests laughing and engaged. Our mysteries are family friendly and all about you, your event and your guests. This is not a production where you watch performers put on a play. This is an interactive game where your guests are put in the middle of a fun crime and then asked to search for clues and interrogate silly suspects in order to catch whodunnit. The storyline is based on your event. So, if like Julie in Bethesda, you are turning 50, we'll coordinate "Turning 50 Can Be Murder." We'll have your guests be the detectives or armchair sleuths. And a few of your guests will be accused of the crime. Oh, and get can choose your own dead guy. Over the years we've learned that party guests love it when they know who is pushing up daisies. (Don't worry he or she comes back as themselves and tries to solve whodunnit with everyone and doesn't miss a thing.)

Everything is included

You just worry about the food. We handle everything else. We bring everything needed to turn your event into a fun mystery party. We even take photos that your guests will be able to download for free following the event. The mystery will take two hours and we recommend that you open your doors an hour before we start to ensure that everyone has arrived.

The Price of a Murder Mystery

The cost is based on the number of guests at your party. If you are intending a small gathering of fewer than 32 guests the fee is $1250. If you are planning an average sized gathering of 33 to 65 guests, the fee is $1625. If you are going all out and having a party for up to 99 guests, the cost is $1999. Everyone will be encouraged to play (but they won't be required).

You Choose the Date, Time and Place

We come to you. You may do this in your living room, a local restaurant, a function room in a local hotel, the firehall or event center. It is entirely up to you. If the space is large enough for your family, it is large enough for us. One room is perfect. And you may have this over breakfast, lunch or dinner. When we start is entirely your choice. It takes two hours so we like to have it around a three course meal - soup, salad or bread, entree and then dessert.

Contact us

What are you waiting for? This is going to be a blast! Call us with the date and time and then relax because you are done. There is nothing more you need to worry about and you can rest easy knowing your party is going to be managed from start to finish with your guests laughing the entire time. Your family will be singing your praises for the best birthday party they've ever been to.



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