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Bethesda Entertainment

Special Events

You are hosting the company party, family reunion or the club's dinner party and are hoping the event is a huge success. We understand that and we can help. As a matter of fact, if you book us, we can guarantee that your event will be so much fun that your guests might die laughing. What's that? Yes! You see, we turn events into murder mysteries. But this won't be just any mystery. This storyline will be about you, your event and your guests. You get to tell us who will play our dead guy and who you'd like accused of the crime.


We cannot stress enough that this is going to be fun. The guests - your guests - will be singing your praises. This will be the party they will talk about for years. Why? Because it will be about you. It is not like watching a play with strangers as the suspects. The suspects and sleuths are your guests. They can play as much or as little as they'd like. And if you think a murder might be a little off putting please don't worry. Our mysteries are family friendly. Yes, there is a victim, but his dying scene will be silly and over the top. At no time will your guests be concerned that this is an actual crime scene. The event is about the silly suspects and their motives more than the dead guy.

The Dead Guy

The Dead Guy is important. There cannot be a murder mystery without a victim, after all. He is the star of the show. And you get to pick him (or her). We recommend the boss or the highest ranking or most recognized person in the room. Why? Because we are going to encourage photos with the dead guy. This person will be the center of a ton of photos so it should be someone important. This is an opportunity for every employee to get a selfie with the boss. Okay, so the boss will be covered in crime scene tape but that is besides the point.

The Suspects

The suspects are not actors. They are employees or guests at your event. And they do not need to be told in advance. We'll bring everything they need. It is super easy and fun. They can volunteer or not as they wish.

Keep this a Surprise

You may keep this event a surprise or not as you wish. Simply let everyone know you've hired an entertainer for dinner. We'll take care of the rest and keep the event operating smoothly. We will answer questions, keep your guests informed and coordinate an awards ceremony and curtain call at the end.

We'll make you look good!

Contact Whodunnit for Hire today for events in Bethesda Maryland. You'll be so happy you did. Your guests will love it and you'll get all the credit for a job well done.

Check out a few photos taken at the Bethesda Marriott Private Event for the SUSA Elite Soccer Team HERE.