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Clarksburg Maryland Entertainment

Want to have a successful party and no worries to go along with it? That can be done if you hire Whodunnit for Hire. You'll be able to sit back and relax while we make you look great! Your guests will be laughing the moment we begin.

Fun Entertainment

We'll turn your party into a murder mystery. What?! Yes. This is so much fun! It's true. This is how it entertainer for the birthday gal or newly engaged couple or special graduate or guest of honor, is introduced. Only when the entertainer comes into the room...he dies (but don't worry, it will be in a silly, over-the-top sort of way). The place is designated a crime scene and suddenly your guests are asked to help solve whodunnit.

Entertaining and Engaging

Your guests are not simply watching a play, they are part of the program. They are asked to search for clues and interrogate suspects. They'll be taking notes and seeing if they can solve the puzzle of whodunnit. It will put your guests in the middle of a game to catch a killer.

The Puzzle

It is similar to an Escape Room - only we bring the puzzle to you.
You could host this party in your living room, at a restaurant, in a function room or even (if this is a corporate event) inside the office cafeteria or conference room. We bring the mystery to you. You choose the date, time and place.
And you are not limited to the number of guests. We've done mysteries for as few as ten guests and as many as 400.

Customize the Storyline

The mystery storyline will be customized to your event and your guests. This will be all about you! You choose who you'd like to have accused of the crime. You can even choose the dead guy!

Always a Comedy

Our murder mysteries are always a comedy. They are like being in the middle of the boardgame CLUE or a Sherlock Holmes novel. Your guests will not ever be frightened or confused. They'll be laughing at the funny suspects and their silly motives. Our murder mysteries are family friendly and are appropriate for corporate parties, team building events and family reunions.

Clarksburg Maryland

If you are in Clarksburg, Damascus, Mt. Airy or in the central Maryland area and looking for fun entertainment for your event or party please consider hiring Whodunnit for Hire. We'll make you look great!

To see the fun photos from Leah's party in Clarksburg, MD "Turning 13 Can Be Murder" click Here.

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Don't delay. Your guests are going to love you for this! It will be the best party ever! We like to say they'll have so much fun they might DIE laughing!