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Columbia Maryland

Entertainment for Events in Columbia, Maryland

Picture This

Picture are hosting an event, perhaps a company party or a team building dinner or the annual end of year celebration. Your guests or employees are seated, enjoying the food and one another's company, when suddenly someone stumbles into the room and dies.


Don't worry. Your guests are not watching an actual death. And never fear. They will have no doubt that this is all one big act. But what happens? So there is a fellow on the floor. He's been pronounced dead. We then outline his body with tape so the police will have an accurate body outline. We then toss him into the river...because he's...well...starting to smell. It's bound to happen. He's dead after all.

The Game is Afoot

Once the body has been removed the game begins. We will learn that several guests are darn happy that the fellow was pushing up daisies. They are the suspects. The others will be asked to search for clues and interrogate the suspects to solve whodunnit.

Interactive and Engaging

The murder mystery is not a play where you watch actors and actresses put on a show. It is a game customized to your specific event and guests. Your more gregarious guests will be accused of the crime and asked to give out information and clues. The others will be putting the pieces together and sorting through the information in order to solve the crime. Everyone has the opportunity to play as a sleuth or a suspect.

Perfect for Team Building

This activity is perfect for team building because it encourages collaboration among your staff. They will be asked to work together to solve whodunnit. It will bring your guests closer together through the silliness of the activity. We've seen several groups decide to go out together following a mystery. Strangers become fast friends.

Always a Comedy

In case it wasn't clear, these mystery games are always a comedy. The dead body scene is silly, the suspects are silly, the motives and clues are fun. This activity will get your group laughing from the moment we begin.

Everything is Included

We will bring everything we need to operate a successful program including notebooks and pencils, props and prizes, costumes and crime scene tape, mystery mood music and a dead body background. We will create an invitation specifically for you to get your guests excited for the event. And, we will be taking several photos at the party and will provide a link following the event to your guests so that they may download, save and share any of those photos they'd like (and rest assured, we will get some great photos).

Murder Mystery Dinner

While we do not provide food, we do encourage you to offer a meal to your guests while the mystery takes place. Here is a sample timeline. This is only a guide. You choose the start time. It is entirely your choice. We'd like to start thirty minutes prior to serving the entrees or opening the buffet.

6:00 Salads Served, Start of Mystery with Dead Body Scene, Photos and Silliness
6:30 Entrees Served or Buffet Opens followed by Interrogations
7:30 Desserts Served followed by Wrap-Up, Curtain Call, Awards
8:00 End of Mystery, Will take 15-20 Minutes for us to Break Down and Vacate

Columbia Maryland (Howard County)

Whodunnit for Hire operates out of Sykesville, Maryland just north of Columbia. We have been turning events into murder mystery parties since late 2005. We have done several programs in the Columbia Maryland area including Wilde Lake, Harper's Choice, Hickory Ridge, River Hill, Long Reach, Thunder Hill, Annetta Gardens, and Guilford. We've turned events into murder mystery parties at Historic Oakland and the Courtyard Marriott Columbia . We turned a corporate event for Howard Community College into a murder mystery game for the staff. We've also helped Pandora, Klima and Associates, Advanced Concepts Inc., Impulse Monitoring, Cylex, and Enterprise Community Partners. We would love to help you turn your event into an unforgettable great time.

Your Event is Important

Your event is important. Whether your guests have a great time is important. Do not leave this to chance. Check out the reviews and find out if the person to whom you are speaking will be at your party. At Whodunnit for Hire the owner, Wendy Olenik, will personally be at your event unless booked for a previous engagement.


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