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Are you planning an event and looking for fun entertainment? You just found it! This is engaging and interactive. This puts your guests in the middle of a fun activity. They'll be singing your praises for years.


A Murder Mystery Party in Maryland

Picture this...your guests are gathered together, they are talking and having a great time when suddenly someone stumbles into the room and dies! Oh my! What do you do? If you've hired Whodunnit for Hire you sit back and relax as your guests have a blast! They'll be the armchair detectives asked to solve the crime. They'll look for clues and interrogate suspects.

But wait!

But wait! Oh my goodness! What's this?! Some of the guests are happy the guy is pushing up daisies! It's true, there are some obvious suspects among you, at your very party! Could one of them be the killer? You bet!

A lot of work?

Is this a lot of work? Heck no! That's why you've hired Wendy and Whodunnit for Hire. Wendy will handle writing the storyline, bringing everything needed, taking the photos and keeping the guests informed and laughing. What do you do? Sit back and relax. Let Wendy handle the details, act as your emcee, photographer and murder mystery coordinator. You'll be very happy with the results.


What kinds of events could be turned into a murder mystery, you ask? Company parties (especially funny when the boss is willing to be our dead guy), team building events and employee appreciation nights.


Are the mysteries themed? Yes, if you'd like your employees or guests to come in costume we have several from which to choose. But we have several options that do not require costumes or dressing up and you don't even have to tell your employees that this is happening (if you choose not to).

How can I find out more?

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