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Interactive. Engaging. Fun.

You are hosting an event in Maryland and looking for fun entertainment for your guests. You know you want something different and memorable. You know you want something that will be easy for you so you can relax. And you know you want everyone to love it.

We've got just the thing!

Turn your event into a murder mystery party with Whodunnit for Hire.

What is a Murder Mystery Party?

A murder mystery party is one where a person dies in a silly, over-the-top fashion and everyone at the party is asked to help solve the crime. It is like playing a live version of the board game CLUE or putting yourself into a Sherlock Holmes novel or a detective show.

Is it scary?

No. It is a comedy. We cannot stress this enough. Our murder mysteries are family friendly comedies. At no time will your guests be confused or scared. Our guns are bright orange and could never be confused for real weapons. The point is to have fun trying to solve the puzzle not be frightened thinking there is an actual murderer on the loose.

How does it work?

We do not include food but recommend that you have us entertain during a meal. A two or three course meal works best for large groups, a buffet is okay for small groups. Once your guests are seated for the start of the meal we'll begin the program with what we lovingly call the dead body scene. This turns the place into a crime scene and the guests are asked to search for clues and interrogate suspects to solve whodunnit.

Who plays the dead body?

We are going to ask the highest ranking person or the most recognized person at the party to play the body. Don't worry this is super, super easy. There are no lines. There is nothing to prep. There will be several photos taken and selfies then we'll state that the body is starting to smell and decide to toss the cadaver into the river. This is when the person playing our victim returns to the party as him or herself and tries to solve whodunnit with the other guests. They don't miss a thing. As a matter of fact, they are the star of the show. We couldn't have a murder mystery without a victim.

Who play the suspects?

We will get a few volunteers to be accused of the crime. They can be chosen by you in advance (if you want all of the department heads to be suspects for example). But you could let us choose them on the day of the party. We will not choose folks who do not wish to play. It is very likely your more gregarious, life-of-the-party types will volunteer. We think you know who they are.

How is the crime solved?

We introduce the suspects and ask them to circulate among the guests and give out their clues and information. The suspects each only have a small piece of the puzzle. The guests put all the information together as well as what they know from the crime scene and about the victim and come up with an educated guess about whodunnit. We collect the responses and the most insightful response is given the honor of putting cuffs on the killer. We wrap the event up with a curtain call and award ceremony. We give out some silly awards (because we encourage guests to make us laugh) and a Super Sleuth Award. We also give thank-you souvenirs to those who agreed to be accused of the crime.

What is included?

Everything needed for the entertainment. All you need to do is feed your guests. We will handle everything else and keep your guests informed each step of the way. We bring the props and costuming for your suspects, we bring the notebooks and pencils for your sleuths. We bring mystery mood music and a dead body outline to set the scene. We bring crime scene tape, awards and souvenirs.

Should we hire a DJ?

Only hire a DJ if you intend to offer music and dancing after the murder mystery dinner. The DJ will not have anything to do during the program.

What about photographs?

Downloadable photos are free. We will take several photographs of your group and will provide a link so that everyone at your party may download, save and share them for free. We will likely get some great shots of them with the dead body. We will also encourage everyone to use their phones and get selfies with the dead guy and the suspects.

How long have you been doing this?

The owner, Wendy Olenik, has been doing mysteries for more than twenty years. She started Whodunnit for Hire as a traveling murder mystery entertainment company in 2005.

Do you do this full time?

Yes. Wendy operates this business as her full time job. There are also several mystery makers who assist her during the events.

Are you local?

Yes. This business is operated from Sykesville, Maryland in southern Carroll County. The territory is Maryland, northern Virginia, Washington DC and some of southern Pennsylvania. If you draw a circle around Baltimore and DC you will know where we travel.

Why should I hire you?

Your event is important and you want to ensure that your guests have a great time. So call us. We will handle your event, coordinate with your waitstaff, inform your guests each step of the way, manage the storyline, the wrap-up, curtain call and an awards ceremony at the end. We take photos and include personalized invitations. You cannot go wrong with Whodunnit for Hire because we care about your event. We know it is important. We will make you look good.

Do you have any references?

Yes. We have several references and encourage you to contact them. (See Reviews.) Don't take chances. If you are calling around, ask if the person to whom you are speaking will be at your event. Unless Wendy is booked by a previous event she will be at your party.

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