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Murder Mystery Middle River

Let's Kill the Boss

Are you planning a company party, corporate event or team building activity in Middle River, Maryland? Are you looking for something fun and engaging for your employees during dinner? Maybe you are hosting a themed event and looking for ideas? Whatever the occasion Whodunnit for Hire can help your guests have a blast. So, picture this, you’ve arranged the event, your employees are enjoying dinner when suddenly a stranger comes into the room and falls to the floor…dead. Well, that turns the place into a crime scene and your guests are asked to search for clues and interrogate suspects in order to solve whodunnit. During the event they learn that some of their co-workers are pretty happy that the dead guy is pushing up daisies. Could one of them be guilty? They collaborate in order to figure it out. All of our murder mysteries are comedies and meant to encourage communication and laughter. We call this professional play. Interested? Contact us at 410-549-2722 or

Check out the fun photos from the Colliflower Company Party in Middle River, Maryland: HERE.