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Team Building Can Be Murder

Planning an Event
Have you been put in charge of organizing this year’s team building activity? Are you looking for something fun, something engaging, something memorable and something interactive? Does this task seem impossible? Well, look no further. You’ve found the perfect solution. Allow me and my team at Whodunnit for Hire keep your team laughing, collaborating and communicating. This activity will create lasting memories and it is a blast.

Team Building
Whodunnit for Hire offers a team building activity for ten to two hundred guests and everybody plays as a detective or suspect. The storyline is based on your event and your staff. This is not a play where you watch actors and actresses in a performance. This is a game where your team members search for clues and interrogate suspects to solve the crime.

Dead Guy
Yes, there will be a dead guy - you cannot really have a murder mystery without one. But, don't worry. Your guests will not ever be confused or scared. There will be no doubt that this is a comedy from the moment we begin. We ask that the Boss be our victim if he or she is willing. And he or she won't miss anything either. Once the body is lovingly tossed into the river the boss will come back to the party and try to solve whodunnit with everyone else.

This mystery is about you and your guests. That means that some of your guests will be accused of the crime and will be asked to give out clues and information about the mystery.

This will be a family friendly fun mystery. It is more about the fun characters and clues than it is about the murder.

And best of all, this activity will be super easy for you because I'll handle everything. All you'll have to do is plan the food. Once the activity begins I will give instructions and insure that everything operates smoothly. I bring everything needed including the notebooks and pencils, props and costumes, backdrop and crime scene tape, mystery mood music and awards. I will also take photographs and provide those to your members to download, save and share for free.

Call me or contact me with the date you have in mind. If I have it available I'll personally be there. I'm excited to speak with you.

Wendy Olenik, Owner
Whodunnit for Hire

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