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Murder Mystery Entertainment May 17


We know you are looking for something different for your next teambuilding event. You want something that your staff will find engaging and fun. You want something they will remember and think "Wow." Look no further. This is it. This is fun. This is engaging. This is memorable. And guess what?! This is super easy too. We handle everything. We come in during a meal - a luncheon or dinner (provided by you). We tell your staff that we are with the entertainment. But! Oh No. The entertainer dies! What?! It's true. In a very silly, comedic way, he or she comes into the event and falls to the floor...dead. Then we tell everyone that they must help us solve whodunnit. And oh my! Guess what?! Some of them will be accused of the crime. We bring all the costuming, props, notebooks, pencils, etc. needed. We also bring crime scene tape, mystery mood music, speaker and microphones (for larger groups). You just provide the food, we'll do the rest. If you are holding the luncheon or dinner off site that is totally okay with us (just know that your team might get a little loud). You choose the date, time and place. We come to you.

Check out the photos from "Team Building Can Be Murder" the murder mystery we did for United Healthcare at Dutch's Daughter Restaurant in Frederick, Maryland on Tuesday, May 17: HERE.