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Dead Men Tell No Tales

Are you planning a retirement party, rehearsal dinner or family reunion and looking for something fun to do with your guests? I'd like you to consider turning the event into a murder mystery party. It is fun, engaging and memorable. You can choose your own "dead guy" and who you would like to have accused of the crime. The mystery aspect of the party can be a surprise if you'd like. The event is interactive - it is not like watching actors and actresses put on a play - it is a game where everyone can be as involved as they wish.

There are a ton of themes from which to choose. Our Pirate Mystery is being offered at Baldwins Station Restaurant in Sykesville Maryland. The guests come dressed as pirates or wenches if they wish. We sing sea shanties and tell pirate jokes. We drink ale and rum and have an amazing meal. All while trying to figure out who killed Captain Scar. It is one heck of a great time.

You could have your own pirate themed mystery party or choose "Sinister Speakeasy" our 1920s mystery, "Gag Me With A Spoon, He's Dead" our 1980s mystery, or "Malt Shoppe Murder" our 1950s mystery, or "Hollywood Homicide", "Let's Kill the Boss", "Medieval Murder", "Murder on the Vine", or "Ghost" which presumes the place is haunted. And if you want a theme we haven't written yet, that's okay too. We'll write it for you. The storyline will be about you, your event and your guests.

Please click around the website for details and then contact us. We'd be delighted to help.

To see the photos from the Pirate Themed Mystery party at Baldwins Station Restaurant click HERE.