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Entertainment in Rockville MD

Entertainment for your child's Mitzvah

Are you looking for something different to do at your child's Mitzvah? Perhaps your child is not a dancer and not interested in having a DJ. He or she is also not into the games they've had at other parties. Your child is begging you for something different...something memorable...and most, of all, something FUN. So this has landed on your shoulders. What are you going to do?

We have it!

Picture this...your family and friends have gathered for the meal following the ceremony. An entertainer is introduced only he stumbles into the room and dies. What? Yes. In a very silly and dramatic way, he sways, he staggers, he falters and he eventually falls to the floor and dies. (Not really but wait.) Now the Mitzvah guests are told they may not leave the because the party is a crime scene and the police will have to be called and there will be an investigation.


We'll learn that several of the party guests are happy that the dead guy is pushing up daisies. Friends and family members come forward to say they have information that could lead to solving the case and catching the killer. As Sherlock Holmes would say, "The game is afoot." Guests will be asked to search for clues and interrogate suspects. Everyone plays - this is not like watching a performance where actors and actresses put on a play. This is a game where everyone gets involved. They interact and collaborate as they are seeking out information to lead them to solving the case.


The entertainment is a comedy and family friendly. At no time will the guests be afraid or confused. Guests will be laughing from the moment the mystery begins.


The entertainment will be customized to your event. The suspects will be from your party and the storyline will be catered around the guest of honor. You can even choose who will play the dead guy and who will be accused of the crime.

Book it!

Do you want this for your child? Of course you do! This is a blast! We cannot impress this upon you enough. It is unique, engaging and super fun. And, this takes all the burden from your shoulders. Just book a place for lunch (because we don't include food) and then book Whodunnit for Hire for the entertainment. We'll keep your child and your guests laughing and engaged. They will be thanking you for such a great time.

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