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Murder Mystery Entertainment DEC 20

Are you putting together a corporate dinner and looking for fun entertainment? Perhaps you are setting up a day for team building and are looking for something different and engaging? Look no further. This is a blast. Your employees will be laughing and engaged from the moment we begin. What is it? Why...a murder mystery party. Picture this...your employees have gathered for a luncheon or dinner event. The entertainer is introduced only it is your boss in disguise and he stumbles into the room and dies. (Not really but we need a body and the boss is the best choice). The place is designated a crime scene and your staff members are asked to solve the crime. Amid the silliness (because these are always a comedy) a guilty party will be caught and a super sleuth will win a prize for correctly solving whodunnit. Check around the site or call us if you have questions. We'd be delighted and honored to help with your entertainment in Frederick, Maryland. 410-549-2722

To see the photos from the fun corporate party for CMRL click HERE.