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Broadlands Virginia Entertainment

Your boss has asked you to set up a team building activity for the upcoming luncheon or corporate dinner. What to do? Turn the place into a crime scene! What?! Yes. This activity is easy for you to arrange and will be a blast for your employees. The event takes place during a meal. It lasts two hours and in that time your team members will be working together to solve whodunnit.

How does it proceed?

Before dinner a speaker is introduced. Unfortunately for him, when he enters the room, he stumbles around and dies! Oh my! What to do? Solve the crime, of course. After a break for the entrees, the employees search for clues and interrogate suspects. They learn that some of their co-workers are darn happy the speaker is pushing up daisies.

Customized for you

The mystery will be wrapped around your group. You get to choose the dead guy and which employees you'd like accused of the crime. You choose the date, time and location. Whodunnit for Hire comes to you and keeps your staff laughing from the moment we begin.

Family Friendly

Whodunnit for Hire will provide entertainment which is family friendly. At no time will your guests be under the mistaken impression that anyone is in danger or is in need of medical assistance. Our mysteries are about the silly suspects, solving the puzzle and looking for clues. It is similar to a Sherlock Holmes story.

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