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1920s Theme Entertainment

This party was the bees knees! Flappers and gangsters gathered at the speakeasy for a fun night out. But when a stranger wandered into the party and fell to the floor dead (oh my!) the guests were asked to solve the crime. But wait! We learned that several of the guests were darn happy the guy was pushing up daisies! Whodunnit?

Host your own Murder Mystery Party

This is so much fun we like to say your guests might DIE laughing. And it is super easy for you...just plan the food and we'll take care of the rest. You'll get the credit for an amazing, memorable, super fun party.

Have a Theme Party

There are several themes from which to choose.
Here are a few of our most popular themes:
*Wild West "Wanted Dead or Alive"
*1920s "Sinister Speakeasy"
*1950s "Malt Shoppe Murder"
*Pirates "Dead Men Tell No Tales"
*Corporate "Who Killed the Boss"
*Birthday "Turning 40 Can Be Murder"

Check it out

To see all the photos (and there are several!) from the fun 1920s theme NAS murder mystery party at the River's Edge Conference Center click Here.

Contact Us

If you are throwing a party - corporate or private - graduation or retirement - team building or birthday - whatever the occasion - if you want your guests to be engaged and laughing contact us. If your event is important do not leave it to chance. Contact us at Whodunnit for Hire.

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