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Party in Springfield VA

Company Parties Can Be Murder

Are you planning an all day meeting or seminar for your staff? We can help make sure the day ends with everyone looking back and smiling. Can't be done? It certainly can if you hire us.

Plan a dinner and hire us to entertain.

We'll turn that ordinary dinner into an interactive, highly engaging murder mystery party customized to your event and your employees.

How does it work?

You plan a three course dinner (salad, entree, and dessert) and we'll keep them laughing. When your employees sit down for their salads a stranger (the boss in disguise) wanders into the party and, in a very dramatic and silly way, dies. What?! Yes. Dies. Oh my! What next? and selfies with the dead guy, of course. After that silliness, the entrees are served and your employees are given instructions to solve the crime.

Customized for You

Your employees will be asked to search for clues and interrogate suspects to solve whodunnit. But who are the suspects? Oh my! A few of your team! It's true. We'll learn that some of your staff members are very happy that the dead guy is pushing up daisies. As the evening continues the suspects give out information and the sleuths take notes and determine whodunnit. As your guests are enjoying dessert they are guessing whodunnit.

The Final Act

We'll collect the guesses and look for the most insightful response. That person will have the honor of putting handcuffs on the killer (one of your employees). Awards are given out for silly responses and your volunteer suspects are given souvenirs to thank them for playing.

Timing Details

The mystery will take two hours. We recommend that you add a third hour to the front of the program for time to welcome your guests and allow them to mix and mingle before we get started. Here is an example timeline based on a 6pm start time:
6:00 pm Doors open for guest arrivals, cocktails and mingling.
7:00 pm Guests are seated for pre-set salads and the mystery begins.
7:30 pm Entrees are served as guests are given instructions about how to solve whodunnit. This is followed by interrogations and searching for clues.
8:30 pm Desserts are served as guests are solving whodunnit. We collect responses and wrap things up with an award ceremony and curtain call.
9:00 pm End of Mystery

What's Included

Everything except the food. We include everything such as notebooks and pencils for your sleuths. We include everything such as props and costumes for your suspects. We include awards and souvenirs. We include the mystery mood music, backdrop and crime scene tape to set the scene. We also include downloadable photos for free so that those silly photos taken with the dead boss can be framed at work.

By the way...

It is important that you know that this will be a comedy. At no time will your guests be confused or scared. From the moment we start, the laughing will begin. The dead body is necessary to have a murder mystery but the party is more about solving the puzzle and listening to the silly suspects. Everything is family friendly and encourages laughter. This is similar to playing a game of CLUE.

What's the fee

With 0 to 32 guests the fee is $1250. With 33 to 65 guests the fee is $1625. And with 66-99 guests the fee is $1999. If you are planning more than 100 guests inquire about the fee.

Having a theme party

Are you thinking of having a theme party for this dinner? We love doing themed events and have several to offer.

"Sinister Speakeasy" is our 1920s mystery with flappers and gangsters.
"Malt Shoppe Murder" is our 1950s mystery.
"Murder on the Vine" is our wine tasting mystery
"Dead Men Tell No Tales" is our pirate themed mystery.
"CLUE Live" is based on the board game CLUE.
"Hollywood Homicide" is our Hollywood themed mystery.
"Medieval Murder" is our Medieval themed mystery.
"Alien Alibi" is our alien and space themed mystery.
"Ghost" presumes your place is haunted
"Art Heist" is our Pink Panther themed mystery and does not have a dead guy
"Gag Me With A Spoon. He's Dead" is our 1980s themed mystery.

Check it out

Recently we brought our Wild West themed mystery party to Springfield Virginia. Check out photos from "Wanted Dead or Alive" at the Embassy Suites, 8100 Loisdale Rd, Springfield, VA 22150, HERE.