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My Happy Team

Mу Hарру Tеаm

Your ultimate organizational goal is to maintain high productivity in a thriving, successful workplace. To have a successful business you must have a happy team filled with happy employees. Period.

Aѕ nоtеd in Mіnd Tооlѕ:

Teams that are highly motivated and positive are not only fun to be part of, but they also accomplish far more than teams that are struggling with morale.

You want your team to be one of those happy teams that are accomplishing their goals. You want your team to be happy so they will be able to overcome work challenges, will be healthier and are more likely to stay employed by your organization. Happiness is the key.

How to Encourage Happiness
Your Happiness First

So how do you help ensure that your team is happy? How do you encourage it? By becoming a role model of happiness yourself. Having a positive attitude yourself will go a long way to ensuring your team is happy. People naturally mimic their leadership. So smile. You are being watched. They won't be fooled by a fake smile so you'll need to work on true happiness for yourself. There are a few things you can do to up your happiness meter.

1. Engage with others. Humans are naturally social. If you feel yourself becoming depressed seek out others for company.

2. Find a purpose. If you feel needed and wanted that will increase your level of happiness. Assess how you are valued in your work and home circles. Know that you make a difference.

3. Strive. Find a goal and work toward its achievement. Having a feeling of accomplishment increases ones happiness.

Removing Roadblocks to Happiness from your Team

Improve the work environment (the actual space your team works in) by making sure it is clean, safe and well lit. Examine pay-scales and be sure they are equitable. Re-examine your corporate policies and look for ones that are causing your team to be frustrated. Can they be changed? Have your members been provided with enough resources to easily accomplish their goals? If not change the expectations or provide the resources.

Happiness within your Team

With the roadblocks gone, now the fun begins. Set up some fun objectives. The key is "fun." Just like with your personal happiness you need to provide a way for your team to engage with one another in a non-work way. This could be as simple as setting up some luncheons where talking "shop" is not permitted. If your team is communicating and connecting on a personal level they are, whether they realize it or not, increasing their happiness level. Set some management objectives to give them a purpose beyond their day to day tasks. And when those objectives are met, celebrate their achievement.

Reinforcing Happiness within your Team

Coach your team to be positive and supportive of one another. Confirmations and compliments should roll easily from within your team. Do your utmost to shut down any and all bad attitudes. Verbalizing a negative perspective has a powerful effect and you don't want it to grow. Make it clear that it won't be permitted because it effects everyone, is powerful and that you are making every effort to have a happy work environment. Meet with your team members privately and frequently to address problems. Problems will arise, of course. The one-on-one meetings are the time for those negative issues to be managed. When the group is meeting as a whole is a time for celebrating accomplishments not highlighting problems. This will reinforce positive thinking.

When your ultimate goal is a pleasant and happy work environment productivity will follow and your business will thrive. Happiness is the key.

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