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Northern Virginia

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Northern Virginia (NoVA)

Are you in McLean or Tysons and planning an event or in Vienna or Dunn Loring and hosting a dinner or in Falls Church or Merrifield and coordinating a party? Are you looking for fun entertainment? You've just found it. We travel throughout the northern Virginia/Washington DC area including Arlington, Annandale and Alexandria.

Other locations in Northern Virginia

We also travel to Herndon, Reston, Ashburn, Leesburg, Chantilly, Springfield, Groveton, Franconia, and Rose Hill with our program.

What do we do?

Whodunnit for Hire turns ordinary dinner parties into murder mysteries. What?! It's true. And it's a blast! Your guests will be laughing from the moment we begin. You might think that a mystery sounds a little off-putting but think of this like playing the board game CLUE or reading a Sherlock Holmes novel. At no time will your guests be confused or scared. It is a fun puzzle to solve. It is similar to going to an escape room but we bring the game to you. You choose the date, time and location.

Interactive and Engaging

This is not a production of actors and actresses putting on a play. This is an interactive and engaging game where your guests are the detectives and sleuths. They can become as involved as they wish. Some of them will even be accused of the crime. There is nothing to prepare in advance on your end. We'll handle everything and bring everything needed for the program. You just relax and see if you can solve whodunnit with your guests.

How does it work?

Picture this...your guests are seated for dinner but before the waitstaff brings out the meal, someone stumbles into the party and dies in a silly, over-the-top way. The place is designated a crime scene and the guests are asked if they would help solve whodunnit. Those who agree to be accused are given props and costuming needed to be suspects. Others are asked to search for clues and interrogate suspects for their information. This is solvable. There is a guilty party and the clues point to that person.

What is included?

We bring everything we need for the entertainment including props, costumes, awards, notebooks, pencils, body outline background, crime scene tape, mystery mood music and more. We act as the event planner, coordinator and photographer. Your job is done once you turn over the event to us.

What is not included?

Food. We only provide entertainment. We do recommend that this program be done as you serve a meal but we don't provide the food.

Where should we hold this program?

You choose the location and we come to you anywhere is the northern Virginia area. Restaurants with private dining rooms, hotel function rooms, the office cafeteria or meeting room is perfect. If your guests fit into the space seated at dining tables and the room is private then it is perfect. We do not need a stage or special lighting. We only ask for a space at the top of the room large enough for a small table for props and prizes, the microphone and spot for the "dead guy."

Who is the dead guy?

You get to choose your own dead guy. We recommend the boss or the person easiest to recognize at the party. This person will not miss anything. Once the "dead guy" scene is done he or she will return as themselves and solve whodunnit with everyone else. This person is the star of the program. You cannot have a murder mystery without a dead guy after all. You do not need to give this person advance notice and please do not tell everyone who will be playing the dead guy - it is funnier when it is a surprise.

Who are the suspects?

Once a crime scene has been established we will ask for volunteers to be accused of the crime. If you would prefer to choose specific people just give us those names in advance and we will call them forward. They do not need to prepare in advance. We bring everything they will need.

Is this fun?

Yes! This is so much fun we like to say your guests might DIE laughing.

Do we tell everyone this is a mystery party?

You may tell your guests or keep this a surprise. That is entirely your choice.

Do you take photos?

Yes. We will take photos at the party and you and your guests will be able to download, save and share any and all of the photos for free.

Who will be on site?

One event planner/photographer will be on sight to ensure that the event operates smoothly, that your guests are informed, that photos are taken and that everyone has a great time. For larger parties additional planners will be necessary. If you are the first to book a particular date the owner, Wendy Olenik, will be on site at your party.

We want a professional!

Of course you want to hire the right company for your event. You don't want to take chances. Your event is important. For that reason we highly recommend that you check our reviews and references.
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