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Team Building Company in Sykesville

Team Building

So, you've been asked to plan an employee party and incorporate a team building activity for the staff.

What do you do?

Are you looking for something interactive and fun?
Are you looking for something stress free and yet impressive?
Are you looking for something your staff will remember for years and smile when they think about it?

You've just found it.

Let us know the date, time and place and we will make you look great! The boss will love it because it will get your staff engaged and interacting. Your employees will love it because it will be fun and engaging.

What is it?

Picture this...your team is ready for a speaker when that person comes into the room and falls to the floor and dies. Oh my! This turns the place into a crime scene and your employees are asked to help solve whodunnit. They'll be asked to search for clues and interrogate suspects to solve the mystery. But get this... some of them are darn happy the speaker is pushing up daisies. They are among the suspects accused of the crime.

Sound fun? It is!

It is so much fun that we like to say you might die laughing!

Our most popular team building event is entitled "Who Killed the Boss" but we have numerous storylines and themes. For example, we recently did some Sykesville Entertainment with a pirate theme. Yes! We presumed the year was 1715 and that all the guests were Pirate Captains aboard the ship The Wasp.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you'd like more information. We've been putting mysteries together for over twenty years and we'd love to help turn your party into one to DIE for!

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