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When you are a hosting an event important to you please contact us. We will take the worry and burden from you and you'll have a room full of guests singing your praises.

Your Event is Important

We know your event will only happen once. We know it is important that it operates smoothly. We know you want your guests to have a fabulous time. We can do that for you! And it will be stress free for you because we are going to handle everything. If you book a restaurant or caterer for the food we will coordinate with them so that the timing runs smoothly. We are going to keep your guests informed. We are going to take photos all night which you and your guests will get for free. We are going to keep everyone laughing and we'll bring everything needed so your job is done. One phone call and you can relax. We've got it covered.

FUN and Engaging

Picture this...your guests are seated at tables in a function room or event center and waiting for the program to begin. Perhaps they think an entertainer will perform or a team building expert will address the group but instead this person stumbles into the event and dies. What?! Oh no! And perhaps more what!?

The Game is Afoot

Now the game begins. The guests are told this is a crime scene and it will be up to them to solve the crime. They will need their powers of investigation and their funny bones (because this is, after all, a comedy). Guest will be asked to search for clues and interrogate suspects to solve whodunnit. They are the armchair detectives put to the task.

Not Theatre

This is not a production where your guests will be asked to stay seated and watch actors and actresses put on a play. This is an interactive game that puts your guests into the middle of a fun puzzle. It is similar to going to an escape room (only we bring the game to you). It has also been described as a live version of the board game CLUE.

The Suspects

You might wonder who then will be accused of the crime if not a bunch of actors? Glad you asked. The answer is your guests. Not all of them but a handful will be chosen as our suspects. It is likely that your more gregarious guests will volunteer. This is super easy and no advance preparation is needed. If you'd like to give us a few names in advance that you want accused you may do that. In other words if you absolutely want the department heads or team leaders or special guests to be accused we can make sure that happens.

The Dead Guy

In order to have a murder mystery we will need a victim. Not to worry, this will not frighten your guests. He or she will stumble in and die in a very silly and dramatic way. Who is this person? You get to choose. If the boss is available he or she should be your first choice. Someone important that is easily recognized by your guests. Their job is simple, there are no lines, there is nothing to prepare and this person can be told at the last moment. Additionally, this person will not miss anything. Once the dead body scene is done, this person will return to the party as themselves and try to solve whodunnit with the balance of the guests. We are not pretending to kill off the boss. He or she is playing a role for us who gets killed off. This is a starring role, will be the focus of the storyline and will be the center of more than half of the photos. It is important that this role is played by an important person at your event. He or she will be the star (albeit a quiet star but a star none-the-less).

Customized | Personalized

The storyline will be customized to you, your guests and your event. If you are having a corporate dinner then it might be "Let's Kill the Boss" or "Team Building Can Be Murder." If you are hosting a fundraiser, we will coordinate "A Fundraiser to DIE for." If you are celebrating turning 50 then didn't you know?"Turning 50 Can Be Murder!"

Theme Parties

If you are having a theme party we will wrap the mystery around that theme. We have several themes ready to go but if we do not already have the theme, we will write it for you. Here are just a few of the most popular themes. There are several others listed on our Themes Page.

1920s Theme Party; "Sinister Speakeasy"
1980s Theme Party; "Gag Me With A Spoon. He's Dead."
1950s Theme Party; "Malt Shoppe Murder"
Pirate Theme Party; "Dead Men Tell No Tales"
Wild West Theme Party; "Wanted Dead or Alive"
Hollywood Theme Party; "Hollywood Homicide
Board Game CLUE Theme Party; "Clue Live"
Luau | Giligan's Island Theme Party; "Tiki Torch Tragedy"
Wine Tasting Theme Party; "Murder on the Vine"

We would also be very excited to coordinate a mystery for a Toga Party, a Vampire Party, a Zombie Party, an Alien Party, or a Medieval Party for you. Let your imagination go wild. We are happy to write a mystery for any theme or occasion.

The Occasion

Whatever the occasion, we can turn it into a fun mystery party. If you are having a gathering of people and need to keep them engaged and having a blast this is it! And yes! We have done a few wedding receptions and Bat and Bar Mitzvah receptions. On a more regular basis we have done family reunions, college engagement parties and graduation parties. But our primary business is for corporate events such as team building, corporate dinners, end of year celebrations, convention dinners, etc. This works very well for guests who might only see one another once or twice a year and need to reconnect. Or this is absolutely perfect when the guests do not know one another and you'd like them to become fast friends. We cannot emphasize enough that this is a fun way to get a group collaborating and communicating.

Dinner Party

We do not include food but we prefer to offer this program during a meal. It could be breakfast, lunch or supper. That is entirely your choice. You choose the time but should allot a minimum of two hours. You could have an elaborate plated meal, a simple buffet or even a pot luck. Before you serve the main course or open the buffet we will start the program. This will take thirty minutes. In this time we will set up the scenario and turn the place into a crime scene. At the end of the thirty minutes you may open the buffet or have the entrees served. As guests are eating we are giving instructions on how to proceed with the next part of the program which we call "interrogations." We wrap up the program after desserts with a curtain call and awards ceremony.

Example Timing

Here is an example timeline based on an evening party with a plated three course dinner. The mystery is from 7-9 PM, the mystery starts thirty minutes before the entrees are served. In this example there is time for cocktails or appetizers as guests arrive. It allows guests an hour for parking and getting to the event. With this timeline, at 9:00 PM, it would take us fifteen minutes to break down, clean up and vacate. Therefore if you intended to offer other activities or entertainment, in this scenario that would be scheduled for 9:15 PM once we have vacated.

6:00 PM Doors Open for Guest Arrivals and Mingling
6:45 PM Salads Served, Guests Seated
7:00 PM Mystery Begins
7:30 PM Entrees Served followed by Interrogations
8:30 PM Desserts Served followed by Wrap-Up, Curtain Call, and Awards
9:00 PM End of Mystery

Don't Take Chances

If your event is important please don't take chances. Yes, this is silly and fun entertainment but we take it very seriously. We know it is important and we know you need to look good.

We will make you look good.

Washington DC Entertainment Company

If you are hosting a dinner party in any of the Washington DC neighborhoods, please contact us. We've turned events into murder mystery parties in Captitol Hill, Penn Quarter, Chinatown, Georgetown and the National Harbor. We've brought our program to Carmine's (this restaurant has numerous spaces for any size group and there is a parking garage under the restaurant), The Verizon Center (yes, they have a wonderful space overlooking the center court and parking is an easy access garage), and numerous hotels including The Gaylord National Resort, The Westin, The Willard, The Mayflower Hotel, The Four Seasons, The Helix Hotel and the Washington Plaza Hotel, and restaurants including The 20F Street NW Conference Center, The Hamilton, McCormick and Schmick's on K Street, Sequoia Restaurant, The Occidental Grille and Seafood Restaurant, Joe's Seafood Prime Steak and Stone Crab, City Tap House, Mastro's Steakhouse, and many more.

Any hotel function room, restaurant private dining room or event center space could be booked for this event. You will need a separate dining space with enough room for your guests. If it is large enough for your guests then it is large enough for this party. You do not need a stage, you do not need special lighting and you do not need multiple rooms.

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