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Whodunnit for Hire is a traveling company. You choose the date time and place and we come to you. Morning, afternoon or evening is fine. We travel throughout central Maryland, all of Washington DC including northern Virgina (NOVA) and parts of southern Pennsylvania. Check out the map.


Whodunnit for Hire Theme Ideas
Are you looking to have your guests come as gangsters and flappers, as cowboys and saloon gals or as pirates and wenches? Perhaps you'd like a roomful of Rockers, Zombies or Spies? Click here to check out several theme ideas for your party.

Entertainment for Teens & College Students


  • College Engagement Program
  • University Engagement Program
  • Student Lock-In
  • Graduation Party
  • Sweet 16
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Bat Mitzvah

Are you planning a University or College Engagement Program or Student Lock-In Event? Are you hosting a Bar or Bat Mitzvah or Sweet 16 Party? Do you have a graduation party to plan? Are you unsure of what to do which will be fun and engaging?

Look no further. This is it! Your students are going to have a blast! Why this is so much fun we even like to say your friends and family members might DIE laughing. And you will get all the praise for planning such an interesting and engaging party.


First and foremost, you need to know that this mystery will be family friendly. This will be a COMEDY! Yes, there will be a dead guy but think Sherlock Holmes or the board game CLUE not Criminal Minds or the Eleven PM News. The dead body scene will be comical and over-the-top-silly so it will not be mistaken for a real crime. We will be sure that your guests feel safe and are laughing. Our mysteries are more about the silly suspects, searching for clues and trying to solve whodunnit than they are about the crime itself.

The best part is the mystery is going to be customized to your event. So if you are hosting a College Engagement Party in October we might put together a Halloween party and coordinate the costume contest for you. If you are planning a Sweet 16 for a daughter who loved the Downton Abbey series, we could create a 1920s mystery and set it in a manor house. If your son were into Zombies and would like a zombie theme at his Graduation Party we could create a storyline turning him and his friends into the Walking Dead. The theme will be based on YOUR party. There are several ideas on our THEMES PAGE. Have fun checking them out. And if you don't have a theme where you'll be encouraging costumes, that is okay too, we can keep it simple and just have "Mitzvahs Can Be Murder" or "A College Party to DIE for" or similar.


You should plan on a minimum of three hours for your party. While we do not include food, our mysteries are written assuming that you will be providing a three course meal (salad, main course, dessert). You can have your party at any time of day. The timeline here is just an example.

11:00 am Doors Open for Guest Arrivals and Mingling
11:45 am Salads Pre-Set, Guests Seated
12:00 pm Mystery Begins with Dead Body Scene
12:30 pm Entrees Served followed by Interrogations
01:30 pm Desserts Served followed by Wrap-Up, Curtain Call and Awards
02:00 pm End of Mystery (will take us 15-20 minutes to break-down and vacate)
02:30 pm Party Could Continue with other Activities, Entertainment, Etc.


You do not have to have your event at noon. Any time of the day is fine with us. We recommend you have the party around a meal and have the main course or buffet open thirty minutes after we begin. We will work with your catering staff (if you are holding the party at a function hall) to ensure the event operates smoothly and the timing is seamless.

You should know...

The entertainment will be for everyone at the party. If you are planning a Mitzvah, the entire group of family and friends will be included and entertained. Unless you have two rooms that block the guests from one another, you must plan on everyone in the room participating.

Also, kindly do not plan other entertainment at the same time. For example, if you'd like to have a band or DJ with games, plan that entertainment to start after the conclusion of the mystery dinner. We would end up competing with one another and your guests would be confused and overwhelmed.


The price includes on-site event management for your guests and with your wait staff, it includes personalized pdf invitations and a personalized pdf program. It includes photography at the event. Your guests will be able to download, save and share all the photos we take for free. It includes everything necessary for the entertainment; i.e. mystery mood music, backdrop, crime scene tape, notebooks, pencils, awards, prizes, props, costuming, microphone and speakers.

You won't need to bring a thing. Once you've turned the event over to us, you can relax. We'll make sure your guests have a great time.




We also ask that you include the Whodunnit for Hire team members in your meal and parking count.


You should plan your event for indoors.

If it turns out to be lovely and a there is a space available outdoors which is large enough and has access to power you could choose to switch it to outdoors but you should plan your event for indoors.


You may make your family and friends aware of the whodunnit or keep it a surprise - this is entirely your choice. We will happily make a pdf invitation for you to get guests excited if you'd like. There is no additional charge for the invite.





> Option One: 

Production Format

The Production Format is suited for a large gathering such as a large university engagement program or a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. This format includes a full team of actors and actresses to entertain your guests.

This is like going to see a play only we bring the professional mystery production to you.

You may have up to 400 guests at the event. For events with more than 200 guests the price includes a DJ for dancing following the mystery. We call our production format the Sherlock Shindig.

# Guests Production Format Cost
00 - 99 Guests Sherlock Shindig S $2500
100 - 199 Guests Sherlock Shindig M $3500
200+ Guests Sherlock Shindig L $4500


> Option Two: 

Party Format

The Party Format is generally what is more appropriate for student and teen parties. Some of your friends at the party will be the ones accused of the crime. Everyone will play as a detective trying to solve whodunnit or a suspect proclaiming their innocence. It is extremely interactive and the cost is based on the number of people you anticipate at your party.

* Please let us know if you are on a budget. We offer discounts to Universities and Colleges. *

# Guests Party Format Cost
00 - 32 Guests Nefarious Affair $1250
33 - 65 Guests Deadly Event $1625
66 - 99 Guests Private Eye Party $1999
100 - 149 Guests Sinister Soiree $2500
150 - 199 Guests Criminal Caper $3500
200 - 400 Guests Whodunnit Big Bash $4500

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Are you looking for professional entertainment for your daughter's Sweet 16, your son's Bar Mitzvah or the University's Engagement Event? Do you want to ensure that your friends will be engaged and entertained? If yes, please don’t take chances. Your event is only going to happen once. It is important. Check reviews. Ask if the person to whom you are speaking is going to be at your event. Whether or not your friends and family have a good time is crucial. You want them to have fun. You want them to remember this event and think “Wow! That was a blast!” You want everyone to be involved and laughing. We will give you that. Book Whodunnit for Hire.