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Reviews of Whodunnit for Hire

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What?! You are planning a party? Fun! Or, maybe not. Sometimes you've got a lot of people to make happy. The boss is watching the bottom line. The employees know they must go but it is taking away from their free time and maybe they don't really want to be there.. So, what to do? How about this for an idea...have your boss agree to be dead. No, hear me out. We aren't really going to kill him. But, if he (or she) is willing, this could be a hilarious way to start this year's company party. Picture entertainer is announced but then the boss comes stumbling into the room and in a very dramatic and comical way he meets his demise. The employees have their photo taken with the dead guy and maybe a selfie or two, and then when the body starts to smell, it is tossed into the river (not really but you get the idea). That's when the boss comes back in and tries to solve whodunnit with everyone else. The employees must collaborate in order to solve the crime. But get could be one of them! By the time dessert is being served the guilty party is put into cuffs and the super sleuth is given an award and prize. Sound like fun?! That's because this is a blast! Don't fret over this year's company party simply call us. Your guests might DIE laughing and you'll get the credit for job well done.