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Reviews of Whodunnit for Hire

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Picture've been asked by the boss to plan an event. Perhaps it is a team building luncheon or the holiday company party. You've got the place picked out, the meal has been arranged and now you are looking for entertainment. What to do? You've had a casino night. You've hosted a dance. You've had a magician.

It's a tough job. You want it to be original. You want your employees and their guests to be excited about coming to something different. And you want it to be easy for you so you can simply turn the event over to the entertainment and be done.

It's a good thing you landed on this site. This is perfect.

If you've chosen a date, time and place and you've got the meal taken care of, then we'll make sure your guests have a blast. What will we do? We'll turn the event into a crime scene and your guests into sleuths. And the mystery will be customized to you. We'll even ask the boss to be our dead guy and some of your employees to be accused of the crime.

And you get to sit back, relax and take all the credit for a job well done. Perfect.